Southwest Washington Traffic Infractions

Getting a speeding ticket and paying the fine may seem like an automatic process. However, an immediate admission of guilt ignores errors made by the police officer, and the State’s burden of proof. Multiple infractions add up over time, affecting your insurance rates and leading to possible license suspension and revocation.

At the Law Office of Robert E.L. Bennett, I represent clients cited with various traffic offenses ranging from negligent driving to speeding involving laser, radar, pace and aircraft. I have an unparalleled record of success.

Clark County (Vancouver), Washington DUI / DWI Attorney

Washington’s DUI laws are among the toughest in the country. Many people, however, make the mistake of believing that their DUI arrest is indefensible. This is completely untrue. It is extremely rare that I evaluate a case that does not have at least some significant issues weighing in my client’s favor. In reviewing your case, I literally look for dozens of critical issues that can weigh in your favor.

Don’t simply forfeit your legal rights without having your case properly reviewed and analyzed by an experienced Vancouver DUI attorney. Washington’s drunk driving laws are tough. Even if this is your first offense, if you are convicted of a charge of DUI here in Vancouver or elsewhere in Clark County, you are facing serious mandatory consequences. A good Vancouver DUI lawyer can help minimize these consequences.

It is important, however, to act quickly and try and find an experienced Vancouver DUI attorney as soon as possible. The clock on your driving privileges starts ticking the day after you are arrested with the Department of Licensing. If you do not properly challenge your Washington State Department of Licensing Suspension within 20 days of your arrest, your driving privileges will almost certainly be suspended for a period of at least 90 days to one year, even if this is your first offense. I can assist you in ensuring that your request is proper and timely.

I have had over thirty years experience as a Vancouver, Washington criminal-traffic defense lawyer. I understand Washington DUI law, and I know how your Vancouver DUI will be processed here in Clark County. I know the local procedures and the Clark County courts. And I know how the prosecutors handling your case tend to view different sets of facts.

If you have questions about your Clark County drunk driving charge, I invite you to call the Law Office of Robert E.L. Bennett for a consultation. During an office consultation I will review your case in detail and go over your legal rights and options. You can then make an informed decision about how best to proceed.

I am Robert E.L. Bennett, and I am devoted to providing quality legal counsel and representation.

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